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Junk food, junk mail  9891
What nerve!  5925
Why not?  3933
Something's fishy, huh?  3918
No wonder.  3469
Who's making fuss? Stop making fuss!  4002
My battery’s dying.  3447
I have a lot on my plate right now.(1)  4045
We're in such good shape at this time of year! (2)  4011
I'm afraid I caught a cold last night.  3121
Could you speak up, please? (1)  4547
Were there any call for me? (2)  4247
What’s up?(3)  3507
The number!!  3373
Oops!!  4078
I mean it!!  3857
What a rush!  5231
What's the buzz?  4005
Way to go!  2958
Loosen up!  3089
Suit yourself.  3629
Fat chance!  2879
Same here!  3454
Take your time.  5435
Where there's a will, there's a way.  3902
What's eating you?  2661
My mouth is watering!  3754
How would you like your hair done?  4531
You're all dressed up today!  3275
Do you want to grab some lunch?  7321

회사명: (주)유비윈,  사이트명: 랭귀지타운,  대표이사: 진정한,
본사 : 서울특별시 종로구 종로 413 동보빌딩 3층   /   물류센터 : 경기도 구리시 장자호수길 16 나동
사업자등록번호: 101-86-23367,  원격평생교육시설신고 제 원격-154호,  통신판매업신고 제2006-03797호,
직업정보제공사업 신고번호: 서울청 제2009-9호,  호스팅서비스: 한국호스트웨이(주)
TEL: 1544-3634,  FAX: 02-924-0559,  E-mail:,  개인정보보호관리: 박진남 부장